So there I was, sitting at a McDonald’s table in a sleepy New Zealand town called Nelson. I sat, indulging in artery-clogging goodness, reflecting on being caught tramping in a cyclone the week before and thinking, “sweet memories are rather savory, like cheeseburgers.” Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” played obnoxiously loudly in the background, which got […]

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6,437 KM From Home

There’s a spider living in Momo’s mirror. I’ve never actually seen it, though I know it’s true; because every time that I get in my car I wipe the silky web away, only to find that after I’ve been away the web has sure enough appeared again. At first I found this to be annoying and slightly […]

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5,570 Miles From Home

No, I’m not currently in the middle of the ocean, but I do feel like home has moved a little bit closer to Christchurch since the last time we talked. Maybe it feels like home here because of how much coffee I’ve been drinking… you can take the boy out of Seattle, but you can’t […]

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7,430 Miles From Home

I’m 7,430 miles from home. I Googled it and was happy to see a nice round number. But where is home anyways? Seattle? Colorado? Who can say these days? But this place I’m at now, this foreign land, is starting to feel familiar. I’ve had a month to taste and see what this country that […]

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2016 Recap

2016 slapped us all in the face. It was a year in which many things did not behave as they should, and many things chugged forward as they always have, like a well-oiled locomotive. The sun still rises, the sun still sets, and all the while there is nothing new beneath it. I am grateful […]

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Family Portraits: The Yeungs

The kids are growing up fast, huh? You’d hate for a year to slip by without capturing those additional inches that they sprouted up. The worst thing is when you look back through old photo albums and on one page they’re 3 ft 5 inches, and on the next they’re all of a sudden awkward middle […]

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Vesper Peak

Soren and I, when we stood on top of Vesper Peak, had one of these moments that I like to call: “too good to not do again” moments. Have you ever had one of those? Perhaps on a roller coaster when you finally reached the 48 inch height requirement, or when you saw your favorite […]

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