One notable story I felt honored to play a role in telling last month came via an assignment from WORLD Magazine.

In these tearsheets/outtakes, Akida Pulat holds a photo of her mother Rahile Duwat. Duwat, a highly-regarded scholar of Uighur ethnology in the Muslim-minority Xinjiang region of China, disappeared in December of 2017. She is presumed to be detained in a government “re-education camp,” and now Pulat and Duwat’s students are speaking out about her disappearance and petitioning the Chinese government for information.

A quote from a source in the article, written by June Cheng, notes “...there is only so much the Uighur diaspora, which numbers around 1 million, can do alone, so they need the global community to stand up against China.”

Follow this link to learn more. 

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